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Featured Artists Goddess Misc Witches/Priestess'/Shamen
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadma Athena/Minerva Top 10: General Circe
William Adolphe Bourguereau    Arachne Top 10: Children Lady of the Lake
Sir Edward Burne-Jones Diana/Artemis Top 10: Flowers Medea
Freda Kahlo    Actaeon Pygmalion Lilith
Frederick, Lord Leighton Flora Weddings, Brides & Betrothal Morgan La Fay
Evelyn de Morgan Graces Priestess'/Shamen
Rowena Morrill Lilith Arts Conference Vivien
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Muses Site Notes  
Maria Spartali Stillman Psyche Art Links  
Annie Louis Swynnerton Venus New Art  
Boris Vallejo    Judgment of Paris Who is Diana Savage  
Elisabeth Louisa Vigee-LaBrun      
J. W. Waterhouse      
Artist Artist
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadma William Adolphe Bourguereau
Sir Edward Burne-Jones Freda Kahlo
Lord Frederick Leighton Evelyn De Morgan
Rowena Morrill Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Maria Spartali Stillman Annie Louis Swynnerton
Boris Vallejo Elisabeth Louisa Vigee-LaBrun
J. W. Waterhouse  
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadma Date
The Favorite Poet 1888
The Kiss 1891
Preparations for the Feast ???
A Reading From Homer 1885
Spring Delight 1902
A Favourite Custom 1909
Ask Me No More 1906
Her Eyes Are With Her Toughts 1902
The Women of Anphissa 1887
Unconcious Rivals 1893
William Adolphe Bourguereau Date
Abduction Of Psyche 1895
Art & Liturature 1867
The Birth Of Venus 1878
Charity 1878
Child at Bath 1886
Childhood Idyll 1900
At the Edge of the River 1875
First Caresses 1866
The First Kiss 1873
Invading Cupid's Realm 1892
Little Maurders 1872
The Proposal 1872
Rest in the Harvest 1865
Seated Nude 1884
The Secret 1876
Temptation 1880
The Two Sisters 1877
Young Priestess 1902
All Saint's Day 1859
Evening Mood 1882
Fraternal Love ?
Les Danse 1850
Rest 1879
The Bohemian 1890
Sir Edward Burne-Jones Date
The Arming of Perseus (Unfinished) 1885
Merlin Beguiled 1874
The Bride of Lebanon 1891
The Golden Stairs 1872
The Mirror Of Venus 1870
Pygmalion & the Image ?
Sidonia von Bork 1860
The 3 Graces ?
The Wedding of Tristram 1862
Wheel of Fortune 1875
Sibylla Delphica ?
Temperantia 1872
The Brazen Tower ?
The Rock Of Doom 1885
Portrait Of Maria Zamboco 1871
Frida Kahlo Date
Frida as Tehuana (Diego in My Thoughts) 1943
Roots 1943
Self Portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesse & Daughters 1940
Self Portrait dedicated to Leon Trotsky 1927
Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace & Hummingbird 1940
The Broken Column 1944
The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth, Diego, Me & Senor Xolotl 1949
Thinking of Death 1943
Tree of Hope, Stand Fast 1946
What the Water Gave Me 1938
Frederick, Lord Leighton Date
Psyche's Bath 1890
Countess Brownlow 1848
Flaming June 1895
Greek Women Gathering Pebbles by the Sea 1871
The Invocation 1889
Nausicaa ?
Obalisque 1861
Painters Honeymoon 1864
Pavonia 1859
The Return Of Persephony 1891
Sisters 1878
Syracusan Bride 1866
Winding the Skein 1878
Evelyn De Morgan Date
Goddess of Blossoms & Flowers 1880
The Gilded Cage 1919
Helen of Troy 1907
Hope in a Prison of Despair 1887
The Love Potion 1903
Medea ?
Night & Sleep 1878
The Prisoner 1907
Port after Stormy Seas 1907
Queen Eleanor & Fair Rosamund 1905
The Storm Spirits 1900
Rowena Morrill Date
African Summoning 19xx
Angles 19xx
Dark Mermaid 19xx
Dragon King 19xx
Friends 19xx
Shadow of Hell 19xx
The Summoning 19xx
The Witch 19xx
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Date
Bowers Meadow 1872
The Bride 1865
Joan of Arc Kisses the Sword of Liberation 1863
Joli Cour 1867
Lady Lilith 1868
    Eden Bower (Poem) ?
    Lilith (Poem) ?
Pandora 1869
Proserpine 1860
The Sea Spell 1877
St. Catherine 1887
Venus Vericordia 1864
Maria Sparali Stillman Date
By a Clear Well Within a Little Field ?
Cloister Lilies ?
Joli Cour ?
Joli Cour by Rossettti 1867
The Rose from Armida's Garden ?
Annie Louis Swynnerton Date
Cupid & Psyche ?
Joan of Arc ?
The Sense of Sight ?
Boris Vallejo Date
Artemis 19xx
Astarte 19xx
Ashraroth 19xx
Diana 19xx
Dragonfly 19xx
Flying Sorceress 19xx
Hardboiled 19xx
Ice Lords 19xx
Lilith 19xx
Mirage 19xx
PrincessOfTheSteppes 19xx
Pygmalion 19xx
Sea Egg 19xx
Sea Witch/Bride 19xx
The Sorceress Attacks 19xx
Valkyries 19xx
Vampire 19xx
Vesuvius 19xx
Witch of the Woods 19xx
Wolfmoon 19xx
Elisabeth Louisa Vigee-LaBrun Date
A Young Woman 1797
Comtesse De La Chatre 1789
Duchess of Caderousse 1784
Genevieve-Sophie le Coulteux du Molay 1788
Giuseppina Grassini as Zaire 1804
Julie Le Brun with Guiter 1798
Julie Le Brun with Mirror 1787
Julie LeBrun as Flora 1799
Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante 1792
Mme du Barry 1789
Princess Anna A. Galitzin 1797
Marie Antoinette with Book 1785
Marie Antoinette in Versailles Park 1780
Self-Portrait Painting 1880
Self-Portrait in Pastels 1789
Self-Portrait with Red Ribbon 1781
Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat 1782
Self-Portrait in Autumn Hues 1776
Young Lady as Flora 1814
Vigee Le Brun - by Adele Romany ?
Woman with Music 1772
J. W. Waterhouse Date
After The Dance 1876
Circe Invidiosa 1892
CirceOffering the Cup to Ulysses 1891
The Danaide 1904
Destiny 1904
Enchanted Garden 1916
Flora 189?
Grecian Flower Market 1880
Magic Circle 1886
MirandaTheTempest 1916
Ophelia 1894
Entering Cupid's Garden 1904
Psyche Opening the Golden Box 1903
The Sorceress 1911
St. Eulia 1885
Tales from Decameron 1916
Wind Flowers 1903
Goddess' Artist
Isis George Lacombe
Isis - Child of Earth & Sky Jonathon Bowser
Nu-Kua Unknown
Proserpine Danti Rossetti
The Danaide J. W. Waterhouse
The Storm Spirits Evelyn de Morgan
The Return Of Persephony Lord Leighton
Wheel of Fortune Sir Burne-Jones
Frida as Tehuana Frieda Kahlo
The Love Embrace Frieda Kahlo
Collections Collections Collections
Athena Diana/Artemis Flora
Graces Lilith Muses
Psyche Venus Priestess'
Judgment of Paris Metamorphoses of Actaeon Metamorphoses of Arachne
Athena Artist
Jason Protected By Athena 5th Century Greek
Nola Amphora Ancient Greek
Athena & the Muses Baur
Jason & The Dragon Teeth Baur
Pallas st Envy's Cave Baur
Minerva at Envy's Cave Antonio Tempesta
Pallas & The Centaur: Virtue & Lust Sandro Botticelli
The Arming of Perseus (Unfinished) Sir Burne-Jones
Pallas Goltzius
Athena Nemia Rucker
Sacrifice to Athena Francesco Battolozzi
Nude of Athena Thomas Rowlandson
Pallas Giovanni Caraglio
Francia: Athena & Mercury RaphaŽl Sadeler I
Nyctimene changed to an Owl Baur
Judgment of Paris
Metamorphoses of Arachne Artist
Pallas Transforms Arachne Baur
Athena Changing Arachne Antonio Tempesta
The Fable of Arachne Diego Velazquez
Detail of Arachne Diego Velazquez
Diana/Artemis Artist
Allegory of Wisdom & Strength Paoli Veronese
Ashraroth Boris Vallejo
Diana Boris Vallejo
Diana & Callisto Palma Vecchio
Diana & Chione Baur
Diana & Cupid Pomoeo Batoni
Diana & Her Companions Jan Vermeer
Diana's Revenge On Niobe Baur
Diana Pierre Renoir
Diana De Potiers Jean Clouet
Diana Leaving Her Bath Francois Boucher
Diana Returning From The Hunt Francois Boucher
Diana Reconciles Cephalus & Procris Claude
The Bath of Diana Francois Clouet
Diana of the Hunt John Shaw
Metamorphoses of Actaeon Artist
Actaeon & Diana Titian
The Death Of Actaeon Titian
Artemis Boris Vallejo
Actaeon & Diana Baur
Death Of Actaeon Baur
Diana & Actaeon Louis Galloche
Diana Sacrificing Actaeon de Troys
The Three Graces Artist
The 3 Graces Sir Edward Burne-Jones
The 3 Graces, Modern Unknown
The 3 Graces, Sculpture Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
The 3 Graces Ludwig Von Hofmann
The 3 Graces Jacob Matham
The 3 Graces Laura Knight
The 3 Graces Agostino Carracci
Mercury & the 3 Graces Agostino Carracci
The Toilet of Venus Francesco Bartolozzi
Venus Attended by the Graces Giulio Bonasone
Venus Attired by the Graces Sir Robert Strange
Lady Sarah Bunbury Sacrificing to the Graces Sir Reynolds
Mars Disarmed by Venus & the Graces David, Jacques-Louis
Flora Artist
Goddess of Blossoms & Flowers Evelyn de Morgan
Flora Titian
The Sacrifice Of Flowers Milhaly Munkacy
Flora J. W. Waterhouse
Julie LeBrun as Flora Vigee la Brun
Young Lady as Flora Vigee la Brun
Flowers Collection
The Muses Artist
Apollo & the Nine Muses Francesco Barolozzi
Athena & the Muses Baur
Art & Literature William Bourguereau
Hummingbird Muses Jonathon Bowser
Muse Restauree en Fille de Lycomede Henri Chatilloni
Geometry Cornelis Jacobsz Drebbe
Apollo & the Muses Giorgio Ghisi
Polyhymnia from the 9 Muses Hendrik Goltzius
The Muse Erato Hendrik Goltzius
Urania from the 9 Muses Hendrik Goltzius
HogarthPainting the Comic Muse William Hogarth
The Mirror Of Venus Sir Burne-Jones
Musa Alphonse Mucha
Madame Boudrey as a Muse Jean-Marc Nattier
Terpsichore (Music & Dance) Jean-Marc Nattier
Thalia (Comedy) Jean-Marc Nattier
Mrs. Jordan in the Character of the Comic Muse Thomas Park
Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse Oliver Pelton
Francisci Albani Pietro Pietri
Polyhymnia (Sacred Poetry) Roman, 240 A.D.
Alto Relievo (Drama & Painting) Benjamin Smith
Minerva & the Muses Andrea Schiavone
Euterpe (Music) Camiile Roqueplan
Melpomene (Tragedy) Elisabetta Sirani
Apollo & Muses Bertel Thorweildsen
The Allegory of Painting (Clio/History) Jan Vermeer
Erato (Love Poetry) Simon Vouet
Urania & Calliope (Astronomy & Poetry) Simon Vouet
My Humble Muse Samual Wale
Muses & Apollo unknown
Psyche Artist
Psyche Offering Venus the Water of Styx Raphael
Cupid & Psyche Jean David
Cupid & Psyche Ann Swynnerton
Invading Cupid's Realm William Adolphe Bourguereau
Abduction Of Psyche William Adolphe Bourguereau
The First Kiss William Adolphe Bourguereau
Psyche & Charon (Detail) Spencer Stanhope
Entering Cupid's Garden J. W. Waterhouse
Psyche Opening the Golden Box J. W. Waterhouse
Psyche's Bath Lord Leighton
Psyche's Bath (Detail) Lord Leighton
Venus Artist
The Toilet of Venus Francesco Bartolozzi
The Birth Of Venus William Adolphe Bourguereau
The Mirror Of Venus Sir Burne-Jones
Psyche Offering Venus the Water Of Styx Raphael
Venus Vericordia Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Aphrodite & Cupid (Kaurnde) Statue
Aphrodite (Kallipygo) Statue (Back)
Aphrodite (Kallipygo) Statue (Front)
Aphrodite (Kaurnde) Statue
Venus (Genetrix) Statue
Venus With a Mirror Titian
Judgment of Paris Artist
The Judgment Of Paris Hendrick von Balen
The Judgment Of Paris Cranach the Elder
The Judgment Of Paris Claude Lorrain
The Judgment Of Paris (Detail) Alphonae Mucha
The Judgment Of Paris Peter Rubens
The Judgment Of Paris George Watts
The Judgment Of Paris Joachim Wtewael
Top 10: General Artist
Dragon Dance Julie Bell
The Secret William Bouguereau
Earth, Autumn, Winter Jonathon Bowser
Before A Mirror Robert Browning
On the Heights Charles Curran
The Betrothed John W. Godward
Obalisque Lord Leighton
The Witch Rowena Morrill
Love's Shadow Anthony Sandys
October James Tissot
Top 10: Children Artist
Charity William Bouguereau
Child at Bath William Bouguereau
Childhood Idyll William Bouguereau
At the Edge of the River William Bouguereau
First Caresses William Bouguereau
Little Maurders William Bouguereau
The Child Enthroned Thomas Gotch
A Girl & Her Duenna Murillo
Spring James Tissot
Young Ladies Looking At Japanese Objects James Tissot
Top 10: Flowers Artist
Blue Tulips Sue Loder
Crimson Rambler Philip Hale
Goddess of Blossoms & Flowers Evelyn de Morgan
Enchanted Garden J. W. Waterhouse
Grecian Flower Market J. W. Waterhouse
Wind Flowers J. W. Waterhouse
Poppies, Near Argenteuil Claude Monet
So Death is in the Way Celeste Brignac
The Artist's Garden At Giverny Claude Monet
The Rose from Armida's Garden Maria Stillman
The Metamorphoses of Galatea
Pygmalion & Galatea Jean Gerome
Pygmalion & Galatea Francois Boucher
Pygmalion & the Statue Baur
Pygmalion Paul Delvaux
Pygmalion's Tram Roger Mabri
Pygmalion & the Image Sir Burne-Jones
Pygmalion Boris Vallejo
Weddings, Brides & Betrothals Artist
Medea & Jason Betrothed Baur
The Love Drink Aubrey Beardsley
Marriage Feast at Cana Hieronymus Bosch
The Proposal William Bourguereau
Peasant Wedding Bruegel the Elder
Innocent Wedding Eugene Buland
The Bride of Lebanon Sir Burne-Jones
The Wedding of Tristram Sir Burne-Jones
Jewish Bride of Tangier Eugene Delacroix
TheArnofliniMarriage Jan van Eyck
Arthur & Guenevere H. J. Ford
The Jewish Bride Aert de Gelder
Wedding St. Mary Giotto
Mary & Joseph Giotto
The Betrothed John W. Godward
The Village Betrothal Jean-Baptise Greuze
Stephen Beckingham & Mary Cox Hogarth
Call to Arms Edmund Leighton
Painters Honeymoon Lord Leighton
Syracusan Bride Lord Leighton
Arthur & Guinevere Speed Lancelot
The Bride Dante Rossetti
Ask Me No More Alma-Tadma
Witches/Priestess' Artist
The Summoning Rowena Morrill
The Witch Rowena Morrill
Assembly of Witches Frans Fracken
Examination of a Witch T. H. Matteson
Letters From the Past Kenneth Koskela
Sunday At Exter Kenneth Koskela
The Sorceress J. W. Waterhouse
Saul & the Witch of Endor William Mount
Secrets of the Sorceress Tom Kid
The Strange Mantle Aubrey Beardsley
The Witch Hellawes Aubrey Beardsley
Flying Sorceress Boris Vallejo
Sea Witch/Bride Boris Vallejo
The Sorceress Attacks Boris Vallejo
Witch of the Woods Boris Vallejo
Sorceress Flower Julie Bell
Spring Enchantress Karl Bang
Sidonia von Bork Sir Burnes-Jones
The Love Potion Evelyn de Morgan
Queen Eleanor & Fair Rosamund Evelyn de Morgan
Collections Collections Collections
Circe Lady of the Lake Lilith
Medea Morgan La Fay Priestess'/Shamen
Circe Artist
Circe Dossi Dosse
Circe & Her Lovers in a Landscape Dossi Dosse
Circe Wright Baker
Circe Invidiosa J. W. Waterhouse
Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses J. W. Waterhouse
Circe, Mercury & Ulysses Pietro Aquila
With Ulysses Companions Giovanni Castiglione
Changing Ulysses' Men to Swine Antonio Tempesta
PicusChanging Picus to a Bird Antonio Tempesta
Scylla>Scylla Changed Antonio Tempesta
Glaucus & Scylla Salvator Rosa
Glaucus & Scylla Antonio Tempesta
Lady of the Lake Artist
Excalibur Returned H. J. Ford
Sir Beldivere Aubrey Beardsley
Lady of the Lake at St. Nectan's Glen Cherl Yambrach Rose
Stealing Lancelot Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Excalibur Revealed Aubrey Beardsley
Excalibur's Sheath Howard Pyle
Lilith Artist
Lady Lilith Dante Rossetti
Eden Bower (Poem) Dante Rossetti
Lilith (Poem) Dante Rossetti
Lilith Linda Falorio
Lilith Boris Vallejo
Lilith David Bigazzi
In the Darkness East of Eden Dan Smith
Broca's GraphicsMore Lilian Broca
Winged Goddess Lilith Lilian Broca
Statues of Lilith Unknown
Medea Artist
Aeson Rejuvenated Baur
Death of Pelias Solis
Jason Gustave Moreau
Medea Eugene Delacroix
Medea Evelyn de Morgan
Medea & Jason Betrothed Baur
Medea & Theasus Baur
Fleeing Pelias' Daughters Baur
Medea Kills Her Children Picart
Queen Morgana La Fay Artist
Sir Tristram's Sheild Aubrey Beardsley
Morgan La Fay Anthony Sandys
The Scabbard Cast Away H. J. Ford
Queen Morgana Howard Pyle
Excalibur's Sheath Howard Pyle
Arthurian Links N/A
Priestess'/Shamen Artist
Young Priestess William Adolphe Bourguereau
The Invocation Lord Leighton
Sibylla Delphica Sir Edward Burne-Jones
Sacrifice to Athena Francesco Battolozzi
Lady Sarah Bunbury Sacrificing to the Graces Sir Reynolds
The Sacrifice Of Flowers Milhaly Munkacy
African Summoning Rowena Morrill
Magic Circle J. W. Waterhouse
Woman with Bird Andrey Vystopov
Vivien/Nimue Artist
& Vivien Followed Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Guinivere, Enid & Vivien Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Lighting Frightens Vivien Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Merlin & Vivien (Lrg) Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Vivien's Accusation of Those At Camelot Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Vivien Smiled Saucily Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Vivien's Spell Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Vivien's Triumph Louis Wooliscoft & Rhead
Nimue the Enchantress Frank Cowper
Merlin & Nimue Aubrey Beardsley
Vivien Anthony Sandys
Merlin & Vivien H. J. Ford
Merlin Beguiled Sir Burne-Jones
Merlin & Vivien Lancelot Speed
Merlin as a Squire Albert Herter
Vivien John Smith
Arthurian Links N/A


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