Diana Savage: Who Am I
The Betrothed
Bird Tiles My name is Diana Savage. A 30+ year old woman going through a congenial separation from my partner of 17 years. A separation not of my choice. I have two wonderful children, Jesse Ann, age 14 and Cris age 18. One hopes to be a singer or writer and the second hopes to be a journalist and/or poet. Both are intelligent, imaginative and creative. They are also full of adolescent angst.

I collect feminine Fine, Romantic, Fantasy, Visionary, Victorian, etc. art. A lot of the space on this site is devoted to art. I may start adding my poetry.

I love birds and hope in the up coming year to replace the one's I lost last year. Hopefully they will help keep me company.

Chalice I'm a Unitarian Universalist (UU) and Berache Shaman.
Columbine I have a strong interest in conservation and civil rights. In both cases I have been an activist or fund-raiser. I've done work for The Trust for Public Land, Hands Off Washington, and Washington Trails Ass.
I hike, backpack, on and off trail. But not much currently.

I am also an active Role Playing Gamer (RPG). I have played D&D, AD&D, Shadowrun, GURPS and several other obscure systems.

I make bead jewelry and fetishes. I love working with beautiful stones.

Finally, I'm an active correspondent. I write long letters full of news/chatter. I also give lots of unsolicited advise which I'm not attached to anyone following. It's not as if I've managed my life that well. I have a right to make my own mistakes and so do you! If you don't like three page letters, it is best not to take up a correspondence with me.

Oh yes, I work in the computer industry for the 'Evil Empire.' But I'm not terribly interested in talking about that or about computers in general. (I started io the days of CPM and computers have gotten rather old.) But I am a top flight web author and am happy to work with Non Profits on setting up or improving their sites. I also do commercial sites but that cost money.

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