Notes on this Site
Presented at this site is a selection of Fine, Classic, Romantic/Pre-Raphealite, Fantasy and Impressionist art, which I like. The vast majority represent women, women artists, or subjects of interest to women. They are divided up into areas of my interest. I am always looking for more quality graphics in these areas. If you have some I might be interested in, feel free to write and include the paintings name and painter. I have over 1000 painting graphics already, many of which are not displayed here.

Copyrighted graphics are linked to the author's site. I can't guarantee off-site graphics will be available or that the servers still exist. Any copyright paintings that are here are by mistake and will be removed after an appropriate request.

All graphics are 365 pixels across or less. This makes them a useful size for WEB page design since they can be used on a 640X480 screen leaving room for text. In many cases I have larger versions, which will be clearer and more detailed. If you would like one of these, feel free to write. I am also open to correspondence about art, life, or philosophy. I am not a mailing service however and I have many active correspondents. I reserve the right to not respond, especially to rude people, those who want to save me, and graphic requests from people who seem think I no life beyond serving them. In other words be respectful, polite and friendly!

Please don't link directly to graphics on this site. You may link to main pages, i.e. don't connect to a page that is intended to be used in a frame, they have limited stand-alone capability. If you use any graphics from here please provide a link to this site at your site. //members.tripod.com/~DianaSav is the best place to link to.

If you like this site and you would like some help on yours, I am a top-flight web author and am happy to work with Non Profits on setting up or improving their sites. I also do commercial work.
Contact me for information.

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