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Virgee-Lebrun Self Portrait
Virgee-Lebrun Self Portrait
by Elisabeth Louise Virgee-Lebrun
Expanded FlatArt.htm#Sir Edward Burne-Jones: 5 new paintings 5/1/98
New Section for Priestess' & Shamen: 9 paintings 5/1/98
Rescan of Helen of Troy by Eveyln de Morgan 5/1/98
New Section for Metamorphoses of Arachne: 4 paintings 5/1/98
Expanded Athena: 5 new paintings & 3 rescans 5/1/98
Expanded Bourgureau: 6 new paintings & 2 rescans 5/1/98
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadma 10 new paintings 4/26/98
New Section for Vigee la Brun 21 new paintings 4/14/98
New Section for Frieda Kahlo 10 new paintings 4/10/98
Me & Jonnie1/6/98
Me & Linda1/6/98
Jesse & Shara1/6/98
My daughter sing a solo1/6/98
Minnette at Christmas party1/6/98
Me & Minnette1/6/98
Nara & Medusa's Daughter12/19/97
Nara with her Familiar12/19/97
Nara & Minnette12/19/97

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